Groundwater Hydrology

Engineering Hydrogeology

Thredbo landslide investigationHydrogeology has a role in many aspects of civil engineering and infrastructure design and development, and in the forensic investigation of natural (and unnatural) disasters.

Examples include:

  • Landslide risk assessment and investigation
  • Dewatering design
  • Subsidence risk assessment
  • Groundwater re-injection
  • Assessment of leakage from dams and other impoundments for water and waste.

C. M. Jewell & Associates Pty Ltd had a significant involvement in the investigation of the Thredbo landslide (pictured), the environmental assessment assessment and design studies undertaken for the Eastern Distributor motorway in Sydney, and subsidence risk assessment for the M5 East motorway. Both the Eastern Distributor and Thredbo studies involved significant groundwater modelling components.

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