What is iSOC™?

iSOCiSOC™ is an ingenious oxygen delivery technology, based on inVentures' patented Gas inFusion™ technology - a unique method of infusing supersaturated levels of dissolved gas into liquids. At the heart of iSOC is the propreitary structured polymer mass transfer device.

Microporous hollow fibre provides an enormous surface area for mass transfer - in excess of 7000 square metres per cubed metre - and is hydrophobic (will not pass water). Maintaining a gas pressure, less than the liquid pressure ensures that ultra efficient mass transfer takes place without the formation of bubbles.

When suspended in existing monitoring wells, iSOC infuses high levels of oxygen into groundwater, without bubbles, and with a very low decay rate at atmospheric pressure.

iSOC™ is a gas delivery technology that will infuse any gas into a liquid.

iSOC™ stands for "in situ submerged oxygen curtain"

The technology supersaturates the ground water (with low decay D.O.) to enhance natural attenuation.

D.O. concentrations range from 40 to 200 ppm depending on aquifer conditions and placement depth of isoc unit

The "plug & play" technology has no moving parts and does not require electricity.

The technology is.very inexpensive to operate and can be easily moved to a new injection point or new site,

The iSOC™ contains over 700 hydrophobic microporous hollow fibers that allow for the mass transfer of oxygen (and, or alkane gases).

The oxygen transfer efficiency is heady a 100%.

The iSOC™ unit measures 1.62 inches by 15 inches and infuses 4 to 10 times more D.O. than any competitive technology.

The iSOC™ unit will work in a 2-inch monitoring well or larger.

The iSOC™ is connected to a control panel with a 0.250 inch outside diameter polyurethane tubing (0.170 I D) and the same tubing connects the control panel to the oxygen canister.

The rotameter on the iSOC™ control panel is typically set at 15 cc/min which means that one iSOC unit will use approximately .77 cubic feet of oxygen per day (depending on placement depth of the iso¢ unit).

A typical 40 cubic foot cylinder (7 x 18 inches) will last approximately 50 days.

The iSOC™ unit has a radius of influence of 10-15 feet and is typically installed up gradient of the source or monitoring well.

The technology is primarily dependent on ground water velocity and the oxygen demands, of the aquifer. Molecular dispersion will also play a key role in tight soils.
The technology can be used as a primary remediation strategy, for polishing or
for off-site migration.

Contact Chris Jewell at C. M. Jewell & Associates Pty Ltd to discuss your needs - iSOC™ units may be rented or purchased.

More detailed information may be found at inVentures' web site:
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