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Chris Jewell


Projects where there has been a major involvement in and overall responsibility for all aspects of project planning, management and reporting.
2003 Hydrogeological Investigation, Former Solvent Recovery Facility, Wilberforce - an investigation of a former solvent plant destroyed by fire, carried out directly for the NSW Environment Protection Authority
2002 John Morony Correctional Facility, Western Sydney. An assessment of remedial options for a former tyre disposal site, being redeveloped as part of a prison complex. Evaluation of risks and negotiation of site management strategy with the EPA. For NSW Department of Public Works
  Former Katoomba Leura Gasworks - Preparation of a detailed Remedial Action Plan. For AGL / ELGAS / Blue Mountains City Council
  Phase 1 ESA, Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
  Assessment of former Biosolids Trial Site, Goulburn. Site investigation, including heavy metals and potential pathogens - for Franklin Real Estate
  Former gasworks site - Iora, North Sydney. Assessment of groundwater issues
  Gandangara Lands, Menai. Preparation and implementation of a Remedial Action Plan for a large area of severely degraded land
2001 Green Square Gardens, Waterloo. Assessment, preparation of remedial action plan and eventual remediation for a former foundry being redeveloped as a residential apartment complex. - for IPM Pty Ltd
  Technology Review, Rhodes. A review of proposed remedial technologies for a large dioxin contaminated site - for Meriton Apartments Pty Ltd
  Phase I ESA, Sydney Recycling Centre. A Phase 1 assessment carried out for Collex Pty Ltd
  Mudgee Gasworks - Hydrogeological Investigation. An investigation of a former gasworks site, now abandoned and orphaned, carried out directly for the NSW Environment Protection Authority
1999 Remediation of Groundwater Contamination, Dee Why, NSW, including assessment modelling and interception design - for a confidential industrial client
  Contaminated Site Assessment, Remediation and Validation of former service station site, Tahmoor, NSW - for Precise Planning Pty Ltd
  Environmental Site Assessment for proposed redevelopment of commercial nursery, Warrimoo, NSW - for Tron Strategic and Financial Planning Pty Ltd
1998 Site Assessment, former landfill site, Penrith, NSW - for Penrith City Council
  Site Assessment, landfill, Narrandera, NSW - for Terra Sciences
  Stage 1 Site Audit, Katoomba, NSW - for Blue Mountains City Council
  Contaminated Site Assessment, Works Depot, Moruya, NSW - for Eurobodalla Shire Council
  Dewatering and Groundwater Contamination Assessment, Enhance Place Open Cut Mine, Blackmans Flat, NSW - for R. W. Corkery Pty Ltd
  Environmental Contamination Assessment, Valley Heights, NSW - for Blue Mountains City Council
  Stage 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Valley Heights, NSW - for Blue Mountains City Council
  Environmental Site Assessment of former joinery site, Camperdown, NSW - for Harrison Electrical Contractors
  Contaminated Site Assessment - proposed redevelopment of nursery site, Winmalee, NSW - for Austin Swan Conroy
  Contaminated Site Assessment, former timber treatment/impregnation plant, Bimbimbie, NSW - for Eurobodalla Shire Council
  Preparation of Remedial Action Plan, Katoomba-Leura Gasworks, NSW. Assessment and development of a remedial strategy for contaminated soil and groundwater - for Blue Mountains City Council
1997 Stage 1 Environmental Site Assessment, former hazardous materials store, North Ryde, NSW - for Austcorp International Ltd
  Environmental Assessment, Waterloo, NSW - for Harrison Electrical Contractors
  Assessment of lead contamination in soil, Blackheath, NSW - for a private client
  Environmental Site Assessment, proposed subdivision of former nursery site, Winmalee - for Austin Swan Conroy
  Mortgagee Due Diligence Assessment - former nursery site, Luddenham, NSW - for W. A. Casben (Investments) Pty Ltd
  Assessment of groundwater contamination, leaking waste storage pond, Dubbo, NSW. Frequency-domain and time-domain electromagnetic surveys, down-hole electromagnetic logging, sampling, numerical modelling - for a confidential client
  Assessment of risk of landfill gas migration to proposed residential development, Dubbo, NSW. Historical review, installation and monitoring of gas probes - for Hoynes Wheeler & Thorne Pty Ltd
  Due Diligence Assessment, privatisation tender for Hazelwood brown coal mine and power station, Latrobe Valley, Vic. - for a confidential client
  Groundwater Contamination Assessment, fuel service station, central coast, NSW - for Network Geotechnics.
Pre-purchase Assessment, underground fuel tanks, Doonside, NSW - for Budget Waste Pty Ltd
1995 Assessment, Monitoring and Remediation of Soils and Groundwater - RAAF Villawood, Western Sydney. Assessment of dichlorobenzene contamination of soils and groundwater, preparation of remedial action plan, negotiation with NSW EPA - for Thiess Contractors and the Department of Defence
  Stage 1 Environmental Site Assessment, former service station, Darlington Point. Stage 1 assessment including soil vapour survey - for a confidential client
  Soil Contamination Assessment, active service station, Morisset, NSW. Screening assessment including soil sampling and analysis - for Network Geotechnics
  Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessment, large aluminium smelter, Western Sydney - for a confidential client
  Property Transfer Assessment, detergent formulation plant, Guildford - for a confidential client
1993-95 Homebush Bay/Newington Stage 2 Contamination Assessment. The second stage of this major investigation of the Sydney Olympic site, involving finalisation of the Risk Assessment and Remediation Strategy. Providing project management services as a member of a multi-disciplinary consortium including CH2MHill, ICF, GHD and Douglas Partners - for the Department of Defence and NSW Property Services Group
  Cockatoo Island Forensic Study / Remediation Costing. The second stage of this project, aimed at apportioning responsibility and refining remediation costs. Providing project management services as a member of a multi-disciplinary consortium - for the Department of Defence
  Assessment and Remediation of Service Station Site, Austinmer, NSW. Assessment of hydrocarbon contamination at site of former service station, including soil vapour survey, soil and groundwater sampling. Drainage and disposal of contaminated groundwater and bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils. Site validation
  Environmental Site Assessment, former aluminium anodising plant, Sydney, NSW. Stage 1 and 2 assessments including soil sampling and preparation of remedial action plan - for a confidential client
  Audits of Drum Reconditioning Plants in Western Sydney. Environmental audits of two drum reconditioning plants, involving assessment of soil and groundwater contamination, regulatory compliance, and a health & safety review - for a major Australian banking group
1992 Service Station, Coledale, NSW. Assessment of soil contamination and recommendations for redevelopment at a former petrol service station site - for a confidential client
  Development of Environmental Risk Assessment System. Development of a computer-based decision support system for assessment of the environmental risk, particularly that of groundwater contamination, associated with service station sites - for Caltex Australia Ltd
  Asbestos Contamination, Rooty Hill, NSW. Assessment of asbestos contamination of a residential site and recommendations for remediation - for a confidential client
  Service Station, West Beach, Adelaide, SA. Design and installation of an LNAPL product recovery system following an underground storage tank leak - for Esso Australia Ltd
  Contamination Assessment, Seven Hills, NSW. Assessment of residual contamination on site of former chemical warehouse, following a major fire - for Custom Credit
  Asbestos Contamination, Westmead, NSW. Assessment of asbestos contamination from industrial fill on a sports oval at Westmead Hospital - for NSW Department of Health
  Chemical Compliance Audit, St Peters, NSW. Regulatory compliance audit of chemicals stored in an industrial unit - for Greenway & Banks Realty
  Environmental Audit, Lawson, NSW. Environmental audit of part of Lawson Tip, prior to purchase from Blue Mountains City Council by the Water Board - for the Sydney Water Board
1991 Cockatoo Island Environmental Audit, Sydney, NSW. Assessment of residual soil and groundwater contamination following decommissioning of the Royal Australian Navy dockyard on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. Cockatoo Island had been in use by the RAN for over 100 years, and many industrial processes involved in provisioning, maintenance and refitting of naval vessels had taken place on the island. The project involved a historical review, a major sampling and analysis program, preparation of reports and development of a remedial strategy - for the Department of Defence.
  Pre-Conveyance Assessment, Granville, NSW. Assessment of soil contamination at a former phenol-formaldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resin plant - for Borden Australia Ltd.
  Pre-Conveyance Assessment, North Sydney, NSW. Assessment of a petrol filling station and adjacent buildings, including leaking underground storage tanks - for Delfin Property Group Pty Ltd.
1990-92 Assessment of Former Landfill, Tempe, NSW. Re-evaluation of an area classified as unhealthy building land, with respect to landfill gas and leachates - for Marrickville Council
  Bioremediation of Diesel Contaminated Site, Botany, NSW - for State Rail
  Remediation of Former Industrial Site, St Marys, NSW. Clean-up of a former pool chemical manufacturing site, abandoned due to liquidation of company. Acids, alkalis and organic chemicals. Project managed from initial site assessment, through to full remediation and validation, including negotiation of clean-up criteria with the EPA - for Greenway and Banks Pty Ltd: Project Manager
  Little Forest Contaminated Lands Investigation, West Menai, NSW. Hazard assessment of adjacent municipal, industrial and radioactive waste disposal sites in relation to proposed development of housing on adjoining land. A major study involving assessment of wastes, leachate and landfill gas - for the Ministry of Housing, NSW
1990 Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Solvent Contamination, Perth, WA. Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination by dry-cleaning solvents (principally perchloroethylene) at a storage depot near Perth - for ICI Australia Ltd
  Homebush Bay Soil and Groundwater Contamination Investigation, Sydney, NSW. Assessment of heavy metal, asbestos and organochlorine contamination, including dioxins, over a large area of landfill in Western Sydney. The largest investigation of its type so far commissioned in Australia, involving a review of landfill history, soil vapour and landfill gas surveying, and some 5000 soil and groundwater samples - for the Public Works Department, NSW: Project Manager
  Leaking Underground Storage Tank, Sydney, NSW. Site assessment of suspected leaking diesel storage tank; follow-up assessment on removal of tank - for Zacuba Pty Ltd
  Leaking Underground Storage Tank, Fyshwick, ACT. Post-closure assessment of site of leaking petrol storage tank; groundwater sampling - for Esso Australia Ltd
  Oil Storage Area, Mortlake, NSW. Review of the adequacy and integrity of bunding around oil storage tanks - for Paykel Oils and Chemicals Pty Ltd
  Chemical Evaluation of Smelter Slag, Newcastle, NSW. Evaluation of the suitability of a lead/zinc smelter slag for use as road base, with respect to acid generation and heavy metal leachate production potential - for Mountain Bulk Haulage Pty Ltd
  Groundwater Chemistry Assessment, Tomago, NSW. Evaluation of effect of an aluminium smelter on groundwater resources, with particular reference to infiltration and migration of fluoride - for Tomago Aluminium Company Pty Ltd
  Assessment of Former Railway, Brunswick, Vic. Soil contamination assessment of former railway prior to redevelopment for housing. Contaminants concerned were mainly heavy metals, particularly lead from vehicular emissions - for Ministry of Housing, Victoria
  Coal Tar Creosote Refinery, Mayfield, NSW. Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination at an active refinery site. A major investigation involving extensive sampling, on-site measurements and laboratory analysis; leading to a DNAPL product recovery program - for Koppers Australia Pty Ltd
  Assessment of Former Gas Works, Brompton, SA. Soil and groundwater contamination assessment at site of former coal-gas distillation plant, now a main depot of the South Australian Gas Company, prior to redevelopment. Contaminants assessed included heavy metals, cyanides and PAH. The project later evolved to an assessment of contamination in deep groundwater underlying the site, requiring design of multi-stage completion monitoring boreholes - for Resource Development Pty Ltd and SAGASCO
1989 Industrial Site Assessment, Chullora, NSW. Pre-purchase assessment of industrial land in western Sydney. Use of ground-penetrating radar to locate buried drums - for News Ltd
  Contamination Assessment of Old Gas Works, Albury, NSW. Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination of an abandoned gas works site - for Albury City Council
  Berger Paints Factory, Rhodes, NSW. Investigation of soil and groundwater contamination by organic chemicals and heavy metals, particularly lead derived from paint pigments, at the site of a paint factory - for Dulux Australia Ltd
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