Curriculum Vitae

Chris Jewell


Landslide Investigation, Thredbo, NSW. Assessment of hydrogeological aspects of landslide, including numerical modelling of groundwater flow, for Coronial Inquiry - for NSW Police Service

Eastern Distributor Dewatering, Sydney, NSW. Assessment of groundwater impacts and dewatering requirements for a major motorway development in the Botany Basin, including pump testing, geological review and groundwater flow modelling - for Maunsell Pty Ltd and Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd


Groundwater Investigation, proposed basin, BHP, Port Kembla, NSW. Assessment of dewatering requirements, including drilling, hydraulic conductivity testing, hydrochemical studies and modelling of groundwater inflows - for Transfield Construction

1996 Weipa Bauxite Mine, Queensland. Assessment of remedial options and dewatering requirements following failure of the Andoom loading station. Design and installation of an airlift-powered 12-well dewatering system capable of pumping 500/litres/second - for Comalco Ltd

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Double Bay, NSW. Assessment of groundwater and subsidence control measures for construction of a deep underground car park in saturated, unconsolidated sands - for K.B. Hutcherson Pty Ltd


Mardi Dam Foundation Depressurisation, Wyong, NSW. Investigation and design of a system of gravity wells to depressurise the foundation of an earthfill dam - for Department of Public Works, NSW


Seepage Investigations, Healesville, Victoria. Investigation of saline groundwater seepage at a new sports complex - for Healesville Shire Council


Baghdad Airport Road, Iraq. Design of gravel-packed dewatering wells to permanently lower the water table beneath the central reservation of the new road leading to Baghdad airport - for the Ministry of Communications, Iraq

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