Curriculum Vitae

Chris Jewell


Projects where there has been a major involvement in and overall responsibility for all aspects of project planning, management and reporting
2000-02 Lithgow Solid Waste Depot. Hydrogeological assessment and leachate generation modelling using HELP. Installation and sampling of additional monitoring wells, assessment of natural attenuation of leachate plume - for Lithgow Council
1998-99 Review of EIS for Long-Term Rehabilitation of Lucas Heights Landfill, Sydney. Technical review of a major Development Application, EIS and Environmental Management Plan dealing with groundwater, surface water and landfill gas issues - for the Waste Service of NSW and Sutherland Shire Council
1997 Hydrogeological Assessment of Proposed Landfill Site, Coonamble, NSW. Review of local and regional hydrogeology, investigation drilling and test pitting on site, geotechnical testing to assess material suitability for liner and cover, piezometer construction and sampling - for Coonamble Shire Council
  Hydrogeological and Landfill Gas Assessment of Existing Landfill, Dubbo, NSW. Review of hydrogeological conditions, assessment of landfill gas migration through cover, installation and sampling of piezometers - for Dubbo City Council
  Hydrogeological Assessment of Existing Landfill Site, Orange, NSW. Review of hydrogeological conditions, installation, testing and sampling of piezometers, recommendations for addressing groundwater contamination - for Orange City Council
  Review of Impact of Landfill on Adjacent Property, Junee, NSW. Independent expert appointed by Supreme Court, NSW
1996 Review of Impact of Unanderra Landfill on Adjacent Property, NSW. Independent expert appointed by Supreme Court, NSW.
Assessment of Landfill Gas Migration, Dubbo, NSW. Assessment of landfill gas migration from completed and capped landfill into adjacent residential blocks - for Terra Sciences Pty Ltd
1995 Hydrogeological Assessment of Proposed Landfill Site, Bourke, NSW. Assessment of site hydrogeology including drilling and review of geophysics. Design of leachate collection system
  Hydrogeological Assessment of Municipal Landfill Site, Bundanoon, NSW. Appraisal of the risk of groundwater contamination affecting municipal water supply and other boreholes - for Yarrowlumla Shire Council
  Hydrogeological Assessment of Municipal Landfill Site, Blaxland, NSW. Hydrogeological assessment, design of leachate management system for extension area, design of remedial measures for existing landfill - for Thiess Environmental Services and Blue Mountains City Council
  Groundwater Monitoring, Proposed Landfill, Bowral, NSW. Hydrogeological assessment and installation of groundwater monitoring boreholes at a proposed non-putrescible landfill - for a confidential client
1994 Homebush Bay / Newington Stage 2 Contamination Assessment, NSW. The second stage of this major investigation of the Sydney Olympic site, involving finalisation of the Risk Assessment and Remediation Strategy. Providing project management services as a member of a multi-disciplinary consortium including CH2MHill, ICF, GHD and Douglas Partners - for the Department of Defence and NSW Property Services Group
  Lucas Heights Landfill, NSW. Provision of hydrogeological advice concerning adequacy of leachate control and groundwater monitoring programs - for Sutherland Shire Council
1993 Assessment of Groundwater Inflow to Leachate Collection System, Homebush Bay, NSW. Modelling of the inflow to a leachate collection drain to be constructed as part of the remediation of the former landfill sites at Homebush Bay - for Thiess Environmental Services
1992 Review of Hydrogeological Conditions, Lucas Heights, NSW. A review of the groundwater aspects of the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed extension and overtopping of the WRPS Lucas Heights Landfill Depot. The project extended to a full review of hydrogeological conditions in the area - for the NSW Department of Planning
  Hydrogeological Assessment, Lucas Heights, NSW. Following the above review, commissioned to carry out additional hydrogeological studies at the landfill site, including geological mapping, geophysics, hydrochemical sampling and analysis, and a review of landfill management technology. Carried out basic design of a landfill liner and leachate collection system - for the NSW Waste Recycling and Processing Service
  Roughwood Park Quarry, Penrith, NSW. Hydrogeological assessment of proposed use of shale quarry for waste disposal - for R.W. Corkery & Co
1990-92 Assessment of Former Landfill, Tempe, NSW. Re-evaluation of an area classified as unhealthy building land, with respect to landfill gas and leachates - for Marrickville Council
  Little Forest Contaminated Lands Investigation, West Menai, NSW. Hazard assessment of adjacent municipal, industrial and radioactive waste disposal sites in relation to proposed development of housing on adjoining land. A major study involving assessment of wastes, leachate and landfill gas - for the Ministry of Housing, NSW
  Homebush Bay Soil and Groundwater Contamination Investigation, Sydney, NSW. Assessment of heavy metal, asbestos and organochlorine contamination, including dioxins, over a large area of landfill in Western Sydney. The largest investigation of its type so far commissioned in Australia, involving a review of landfill history, soil vapour and landfill gas surveying, and some 5000 soil and groundwater samples - for the Public Works Department, NSW
  Mugga Lane Landfill, ACT. Investigation of leachate migration from a municipal landfill - for Scott & Furphy Ltd.
Clay Liner Assessment, Kurri-Kurri, N.S.W. Study of the suitability of a clay liner for retaining alkaline-cyanide cathode waste in a landfill - for Alcan Australia Ltd.
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