Curriculum Vitae

Chris Jewell


2004 Hydrogeological component of Integrated Water Cycle Management Study, Parkes, NSW. Assessment of hydrogeological conditions in the Upper Lachlan Valley (upstream Jemalong), including revision of MODFLOW numerical model. - for Montgomery Watson
  Hydrogeological component of Integrated Water Cycle Management Study, Broken Hill, NSW. Assessment of hydrogeological conditions in the area around Broken Hill and identification of potential groundwater resources - for Australian Inland
  Groundwater resources assessment - Lithgow Valley Springs, Lithgow NSW. Pumping test analysis and regional hydrogeological assessment for mineral water abstraction operation. - for Lithgow Valley Springs
2003 Groundwater investigation for vineyard irrigation, Bathurst, NSW. Pumping test analysis and resource assessment
2002 Review of borehole performance, Forbes, NSW. Analysis of bore construction and development problems
2001 Nanima Groundwater, Forbes. Assessment of groundwater resources, borehole siting, review of bore construction and development problems - for John Bruce
1999 Hydrogeological assessment of conditions near four properties north of Brocklehurst, NSW - for Terra Sciences/Dubbo City Council
1997-98 Hydrogeological Investigation, Parkes, NSW. Assessment of borefield water supply, numerical modelling (MODFLOW) of borefield behaviour and regional water resources - for Parkes Shire Council
1997 Groundwater Assessment, Peats Ridge, NSW. Yield assessment and quality analysis of groundwater - for Sydney International Fresh Fruit & Juices.

Groundwater Resource Assessment, Mungeribar, NSW. Assessment of availability of groundwater resources for cattle feedlot and irrigation. Work included reinterpretation of high-resolution aeromagnetic data, geoelectrical survey, and an extensive drilling and pump testing program - for a confidential client

Groundwater Resource Evaluation, Lower Macquarie and Bogan Valleys, NSW. Assessment of groundwater resources for a number of landholders in this area. To date six separate investigations involving data review, aeromagnetic interpretation, geophysical survey and test drilling

1995 Assessment of Groundwater Resources for a Tailings Reprocessing Project, Tomingley, NSW. Assessment of potential groundwater resources, ranking of prospects, geophysical survey and recommendations for development of shallow alluvial groundwater using an infiltration gallery
1994 Water Quality Monitoring in Australia. A comprehensive review of the status of water quality monitoring programs in Australia, and recommendations for future direction and emphasis. In association with Aquatech, for the Commonwealth Environment Protection Agency.
1993 Environmental Flows, Lower Darling River. Assessment of groundwater - surface water inter-relationships and environmental flow requirements in the Lower Darling River - for the NSW Department of Water Resources

Horizons Resort, Salamander Bay, NSW. Assessment of the groundwater resources available for a large international resort and golf course complex located on coastal sandbeds - for Gutteridge Haskins and Davey Pty Ltd

Westland Ilmenite Project, Barrytown, New Zealand. Assessment of surface water resources and development of a conjunctive surface / groundwater abstraction scheme for a mineral sands mine - for Murray North Limited

1988 Crookwell Additional Water Supplies, NSW. Geophysical logging and pump testing of bores in a fissured basalt aquifer - for Public Works Department, NSW.
Fire Protection Bores, Botany Bay, NSW. Construction and testing of bores for emergency water supply in a petroleum storage depot, including assessment of corrosion hazard and hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater - for Esso Australia Ltd
1985-86 Wollo Water Development Project, Ethiopia. Project leader of a water development team and adviser to the Ethiopian Water Works Construction Authority in Wollo. Managed a small team of local and expatriate staff; trained Ethiopian counterpart staff in the siting, construction and testing of spring developments, hand-dug wells and boreholes; provided advice to Oxfam and other donor agencies on future material and staff inputs - for Oxfam: Team Leader
1985 Geophysical Surveys, Sultanate of Oman. An assessment of existing well performance and available water resources, followed by geophysical surveys to locate new wells - for the Oman Mining Company and the Ministry of Defence, Sultanate of Oman.
1984-85 Feasibility Study For A Water Supply to Bilad Bani bu Ali, Sultanate of Oman. Appraisal of alluvial aquifers - for the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Sultanate of Oman.
1983-84 Victoria Province Drought Relief and Rural Water Supply Project, Zimbabwe. Project to drill nearly 300 low-cost water supply boreholes in southern Zimbabwe. Air-photo interpretation and surface geophysics were used to site boreholes and hand-dug wells in variably weathered granitic terrain. Construction of the small-diameter boreholes, designed for handpumps, was then supervised - for the European Development Agency.
1982-83 Groundwater for Reverse Osmosis, Bahrain. Evaluation of a brackish water, fissured carbonate aquifer as the raw water source for a large reverse osmosis desalination plant in Bahrain. The project included sampling and analysis to detect possible hydrocarbon contamination resulting from oilfield operations in underlying formations - for the Ministry of Works, Power and Water, Bahrain: Senior Hydrogeologist / Deputy Project Manager.
1982 Water Resources for Agriculture, Sultanate of Oman. A survey of a number of alluvial aquifers in northern Oman to assess the resources available for irrigated agriculture - for the Ministry of Agriculture, Sultanate of Oman.
1981 Sohar Copper Project, Sultanate of Oman. Water resources and environmental impact assessment for three new copper mines in northern Oman - for the Oman Mining Company Ltd.
1980 Dammam Aquifer Model. A finite difference numerical model of the multi-layered Dammam aquifer complex in eastern Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Responsible for program development, model calibration and operation, and presentation of the results - for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Saudi Arabia.
1978-79 Umm Er Radhuma Study, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Evaluation of the water resources of the Tertiary carbonate aquifers of eastern Saudi Arabia and Bahrain - for the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Saudi Arabia.
1978 Bahrain Agricultural Potential Survey. A multi-disciplinary study involving liaison with a wide variety of agricultural and economic specialists, and consultation with the Bahrain government up to ministerial level - for the Ministry of Agriculture, State of Bahrain.
Marada Sabkah Brine Project, Libya. A feasibility study of mineral extraction from a magnesium rich brine.
1976 Stour Valley Nitrates Study, England. Field installation and operation of sampling equipment for the assessment of nitrate pollution of an unconfined sandstone aquifer.

Hydrogeological studies throughout Central England, comprising:

  • investigation of waste disposal sites;
  • bore licence applications;
  • analysis of aquifer tests;
  • river gauging and bank storage analyses
1974-75 Shropshire Groundwater Investigation, England. Interdisciplinary studies of the ecological effects of borehole discharges on surface waters; regional investigation of the extent of nitrate pollution and high natural iron concentrations in the Triassic sandstone aquifer of northern Shropshire, England
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