Curriculum Vitae

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DATE OF BIRTH 8 October 1966
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Diploma of Natural Resource Management NSW TAFE, Blue Mountains Campus
Diploma of Land Conservation NSW TAFE, Blue Mountains Campus
APPOINTMENTS From 2005 Technical Assistant to Auditor, C. M. Jewell & Associates Pty Ltd
Statutory Site Audits

Caitlin provides technical and administrative support on site audits, ranging from sites where no remedial works are required, to sites requiring the excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soil, on-site bioremediation, stabilisation of contaminated soil, groundwater remediation or ongoing remedial and monitoring plans.

The technical support work entails detailed review of reports including QA/QC, thereby ensuring the integrity of the data, completeness of the investigations and compliance with statutory guidelines.

Caitlin assists with communication with the consultants and the client, and is responsible for the initial preparation of summary site audit reports.

Caitlin has worked on many Site Audits, including those for the following clients: Sydney Water Corporation, Southern Cross Construction, Landcom, The Shell Company of Australia, Orica Australia Pty Ltd, State Rail Authority of NSW, Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd, Mirvac Projects Pty Limited and a number of Local Government Authorities.

Remedial Action Plan

Caitlin has produced a remedial action plan for a contaminated site in the Blue Mountains. The project involved the development of remedial strategies for the removal of underground storage tanks and validation, in accordance with NSW EPA Guidelines for Consultants Reporting on Contaminated Sites (1997).

Environmental Site Assessment
Caitlin conducted an ESA for a site that was the subject of a Statutory Site Audit. Following the development and implementation of a Sampling and Analysis Plan, the ESA report was produced. Subsequently a Remediation Plan was developed and works were conducted over several stages as issues were encountered and addressed. Validation of the site as suitable for the proposed development was completed and reported on in accordance with NSW EPA Guidelines for Consultants Reporting on Contaminated Sites (1997).
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