Curriculum Vitae

PDF versionDane Egelton

DATE OF BIRTH 10 April 1981
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS BSc (Environmental Science) University of Western Sydney, NSW, 2005
APPOINTMENTS From 2005 Environmental Scientist, C. M. Jewell & Associates Pty Ltd
Hydrogeological Assessments

Blaney Landfill - Central West, NSW Groundwater monitoring, supervised the installation of piezometersand conducted slug and packer tests.

Portland Landfill - Portland, NSW. Conducted routine groundwater samplings to assess contaminant concentrations and mass flux volumes.
Tanilba Northern Dune - Port Stephens, NSW. White silica sand extraction area hydrogeolical assessment and ongoing monitoring.
Environmental Site Assesment - Upper Blue Mountains, NSW. Council Storage Depot.
Pumping test - Private Farm Calga, NSW. Investigation into borehole yields and data collection on DNR monitoring Borehole Network.
Contaminated Groundwater Investigation - Camellia Peninsula, NSW. Dane is the Project Manager for this groundwater investigation involving seven industrial sites in the Camellia/Rosehill area. The investigation involves an extensive drilling program, collection of groundwater and soil samples.
Environmental Site Assessment

Bathurst. Dane conducted an ESA on a residential development site that had previously been used as a tannery. Audited project involving a detailed site contamination assessment to assess potential human and enviromental risks. The project included an ESA, remediation, waste classification and validation.

Waverley. Dane soil sampling on a residential site following contamination by lead paint sand blasting. The investigation required planning the remediation that would be required to validate the site.

Groundwater Monitoring

Calga Sands Quarry. Data review and analysis of groundwater levels.

Site Audits
Dane has provided support on numerous site audits. These have ranged from sites where no remedial works were required, to sites that required the excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soil, on-site landfarming, and stabilisation of contaminated soil.
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